Minted Strawberry-Rhubarb Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a simple and delicious French dessert that has many taste and texture variations.

It is traditionally made with cherries and milk (or cream), and has a texture that falls somewhere between a cake and a custard.

In this variation, I have chosen to use yogurt which gives rise to a slightly denser clafoutis compared to the puffier full milk or cream versions.

It is very lightly sweetened, drawing its flavour principally from the strawberries, mint and vanilla – making it a refreshingly light dessert choice for the holidays.

Minted Strawberry-Rhubarb Clafoutis

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp butter, soft
  • 3 Tbsp vanilla sugar (substitute other)
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup flour (yes, I use whole grain)
  • 1/2 cup chopped rhubarb
  • 12 or so fresh strawberries, sliced in half or chopped into smaller pieces
  • 6 or so fresh mint leaves, chopped – plus a few pieces for decorating
  • powdered sugar for dusting


Note: Clafoutis can be baked in a pie plate, baking dish or smaller individual dishes/ramekins.  This recipe was baked in four small dishes.


Preheat oven to 425 F

Using electric mixer, blend eggs, vanilla, 1 Tbsp of butter and sugar in a bowl for about 2 minutes.  Add milk, yogurt, flour and chopped mint, mixing until combined.

Meanwhile, grease the interior of your baking dish/dishes with the remaining butter, being sure to coat the bottom and sides (cooked egg is sticky business).

Add strawberry and rhubarb pieces to buttered baking dish or divided among dishes – (you can use large segments (as pictured above) or chop the strawberries into smaller pieces (pictured below) –

Pour mixture over strawberries and rhubarb in singular baking dish or divided among baking dishes.

Place in oven and bake for 20-25 minutes, until clafoutis is puffed and golden around edges.

Remove clafoutis from oven and allow it to cool on a rack before enjoying with a dollop of fresh cream.

Yes, I made two different versions for you
(except I ran out of mint on day two – this is flat leaf parsley ;0)

 Notice how the strawberry-rhubarb bleeds into a pool of deliciousness
I forgot to butter the dishes on both occasions
Baked egg is a mess to clean up…
Which version do you prefer – big strawberry pieces or small?
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  1. says

    This is definitely my kind of dessert. I so much prefer custard type desserts over cake. I bet this would be good with rhubarb or even a strawberry -rhubarb. This is going on the holiday “a dessert to make” list! Beautiful pictures!

  2. says

    I don’t really mind; whether it’s big or small as I just love strawberries the way they are :D
    I was just to happy to see strawberries used in this lovely clafoutis dish :)

  3. Amalia says

    This looks super delicious! I’ve never had a Clafoutis before, but I sure wanna try one now! I love the way it looks, the crackled top with the strawberries bleeding through, it’s really gorgeous! I think the smaller strawberry pieces work better just because you’ll usually have a piece of it in every bite! But either way, awesome recipe :)

  4. says

    Ooooh! I love strawberry Tuesdays. You are so darn creative Kelly! This looks fantastic and you can bet this will be something I serve around here very soon. :) Hmm…small pieces or big pieces. I might have to do both too. I like how you left out the sweeteners making the strawberry the center of the attention. Mmmmm!

  5. Beyond The Peel says

    The photos are stunning. I love how you focus on the simplicity. As always it turned out beautifully and a great dessert that stayed on the lighter side. I vote for the little pieces!

  6. says

    Hehe, someone found the clafoutis recipe on my site by searching Google for “is clafoutis supposed to crack” – ehm… if you clafoutis is getting so hard and solid it’s cracking then something is going seriously wrong friend!

    As you’ve seen, I’ve only tried this with the traditional cherry, never done strawberry, though it looks amazing – I think my favourite looks to be the one with smaller chunks personally. Wonderful idea Kelly – I like a lot! This will be finding its way to my dessert table soon.

    I have a terrible admission to make though :p I can’t see the parsley in any of the pictures… I’m a bit colour blind to red and green (or something) … all I can see is the strawberry there… am I looking in the wrong place? :$

  7. inspirededibles says

    ha-ha, they’re just small little pieces floating on the top – i just thought in the interest of disclosure i would let readers know that version 2 (with smaller pieces of berry) has parsley on the top rather than the intended mint. I don’t know about you but, as it is, i’m constantly running to the store – some days i just don’t have it in me to make that fourth trip!! ;0 cheery is a *delicious* version too. so many possibilities and i love how the French focus on fat over sugar – there’s no paradox friends… :)

  8. says

    Bigger strawberry pieces of course!!! No, seriously I would devour all of your beautiful clafoutis. I must say my clafoutis recipe has much less flour vs liquid. Unfortunately this custard-like consistency makes it too easy to keep on eating ;-)
    Lovely presentation and wonderful photos! (I love the square individual dishes! they are very original).

  9. Linda says

    I’m in for big AND small….both look delicious! I love that you reworked this recipe for a healthy version. I’ve not used yogurt ever in a clafoutis. Your pics are so pretty with the polka dot cloth!

  10. says

    Clafoutis is one of my favorite desserts! I love anything pudding or custard-like :) I’d never have thought to combine strawberry and mint. I bet strawberry-rhubarb would be tasty too! The yogurt is a great idea. I’ll have to try it…

  11. theblackpeppercorn says

    I have never made Clafoutis before but I do love the taste of it. This looks delicious!!! Excellent photos

  12. says

    Mmmmm, looks lovely. I like the big pieces of strawberry. I could really go for this dessert. I have never had Clafoutis. Thanks for sharing and it is nice to meet you. My first time here.

  13. JeanettesHealthyLiving says

    Love how pretty these are Kelly – I’m a fan of baked desserts with fruits on top. I like both the clafoutis you made with bigger and smaller strawberries. The mint makes these pretty desserts pop.

  14. The Café Sucré Farine says

    This is gorgeous and you might not have planned it, but it looks like a perfect Christmas dessert with the red and green!

  15. Eva says

    Hmmmm…flat leaf parsley? I prefer the larger cut strawberries to look at, and likely the smaller ones to eat. They are both quite beautiful, Kelly. I love how the strawberry red just pops, and you propped them with the lovely red cloth. Nice photos!

  16. inspirededibles says

    Thanks MJ! It’s a lighter dessert for sure and with so many variations possible, you can have fun and experiment with it.

  17. inspirededibles says

    At first I thought the large pieces then I started to fall in love with the small ones and, your right, they bled better and kind of ‘fell’ into the custard the way clafoutis is suppose to – I think the big pieces got in the way of that… thanks for your feedback Amalia! Much apprecieated.

  18. inspirededibles says

    Both! What a great idea…:0 – thank you for your kind words Kristy – strawberry Tuesdays have been fun!

  19. inspirededibles says

    Thanks so much Laura; I’m blushing…:0) Yes, in a pinch, I think basil would work better than parsley :) The parsley was a bit of a joke… it was the only thing I had on hand at that particular moment ;0

  20. inspirededibles says

    thanks France, i do try to keep my life – including food – pretty simple. The little pieces are hard to resist aren’t they ;0

  21. inspirededibles says

    Hi Alyssa – the yogurt is lovely texture wise and it also adds protein – it creates a denser texture (a bit thicker maybe) but doesn’t detract, i don’t think, from the tastiness.

  22. inspirededibles says

    ha-ha! Big indeed…custards are pretty wonderful aren’t they… I make a citrus custard that i will post at some point that has less flour in it and probably more the consistency you are referring to. i think it remains my all time favourite dessert and is rather irresistible (i only make enough for one portion each ;0)

  23. inspirededibles says

    thanks Linda – the yogurt is a bit different – probably denser than the clafoutis that you’ve had before but still rather edible ;)

  24. inspirededibles says

    yay! the custard/pudding thing is so easy to fall in love with…this one’s a tiny bit denser so hopefully not quite as addictive :0 – yes, rhubarb would be a gorgeous add-on here. Thanks Amy!

  25. inspirededibles says

    Agreed… looking for ways to work in our vitamin C throughout the cold weather months… thanks Lisa! :)

  26. inspirededibles says

    ha-ha!! You’re awesome Eva. Yes indeed, flat leaf parsley would be positively atrocious in this… (used only for the photos – ran out of steam to go back to the store for mint…) thanks so much for your nice compliments – ;)

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