Medi-Mexi Salsa Verde

With the summer heat hitting us hard, we are all looking for ways of enjoying seasonal foods without turning on the oven.
I’ve had my blender out on the counter for weeks now – no point storing it – smoothies, chilled soups and salsas are the orders of the season and I couldn’t be happier.  A perfect way to mix up some of nature’s best and work in those delicious fresh vegetables and fruit that sometimes get overlooked during the long winter months (well, some of us have long winters anyway…).
Although I’m not one to turn down salsa of any kind, salsa verde has always been a favourite.  There are dozens of variations on this beautiful green sauce and the one that I’ve created today is a confluence of classic salsa verde with its Mediterranean influence (capers/parsley) and the influence of my ever-present love of Mexican ingredients (lime, jalapeno, cilantro and avocado). 

Everything looks so vibrant and fresh this time of year

The result is a refreshing and tasty salsa that is also wonderfully filling thanks to the health-building fat in avocado.  A perfect sunny day (or any day) snack. 
As always, you can play around with the ingredients to arrive at the combination that works best for you.

Medi-Mexi Salsa Verde
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/4 cup capers, drained
  • 1/2 cup purple onion, chopped
  • Zest of one lime
  • Juice of one lime
  • 1 Jalapeno pepper, seeded
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 cup packed fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 + 1/2 cups packed fresh cilantro, chopped

Capers are pickled in salt and retain a good deal of sodium even after being drained.  Be sure to taste the verde before seasoning to avoid sodium overload.
If you are looking for a quality, gluten free corn chip, be sure to read package labels to make sure that you are essentially purchasing: corn, oil and salt without all the extras.  Product additives often contain gluten and cause all manner of problems for celiacs and those with gluten intolerance (more below).

Simply add all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until desired consistency is achieved.  Adjust seasonings as desired. 

Enjoy the salsa verde with an assortment of fresh vegetables or whole grain nibbles – since I always showcase vegetables, I decided to feature blue corn chips for fun!
By the way, one of the things I love about the organic brand blue corn chips is that they are essentially just the corn chip.  No colourants or artificial flavourings.  I have had many celiac clients report bouts of discomfort and illness after eating what they thought was a gluten free food (corn chips) – not realizing that these chips are often dusted and powdered in gluten containing additives.
I made these rustic bowls in a pottery class over a decade ago
they have little chips & cracks here and there but are still serving us well
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  1. says

    Is a nice big mug of beer in the background? Aaah, cold beer, chips and dip… why, don’t mind if I do! Love the combination of flavours in this… I bet the capers are an especially nice touch!

  2. inspirededibles says

    Charles, how nice to see you here bright and early! :-) – my husband made the exact same observation… is that beer?!! Why yes it is :) Have a great day – going up to 33 or something here today? I need some cold libation ;)

  3. says

    Oops, I “accidentally a word” in my first comment… meant to say “Is *that* a nice big mug”. Not so bright and early here… I’m in my post-lunch stupor trying to think of a way to get out of a meeting I have this afternoon, sigh.

    Oh well, at least I’m close-ish to the end of the day, and then it’s Friday!

    Have a good one Kelly :)

  4. says

    What an interesting combo of flavours, Kelly, I love them all but never tried capers and cilantro together! The colours are indeed spectacular, as is your lovely hand made bowl. How nice that you still have them and can use them—it certainly is a beautiful presentation. Yet another one of your gorgeous recipes to put on the ‘list’. Stay cool, I think today is going to be a bit more tolerable than the past 10!

  5. Sprint2theTable says

    I love salsa verde! What a cool idea to add capers here. Perfect saltiness for all the sweating I’m doing in this crazy heat!

  6. says

    Mmm, i love a nice, tangy salsa verde…but have never attempted my own! I think some mexican style food is in order for this week and I will have to try this :) Hope you’re staying cool, Kelly!

  7. SallyBR says

    Oh, I love the capers in this recipe, genius!

    It’s been tremendously hot here…. tonight I’m making a Tex-Mex dinner but unfortunately due to limited cooking conditions in an almost empty house, I got some bottled salsa (the green kind, but bottled). Just don’t tell my readers, they might desert my blog forever ;-)

  8. says

    Hi Kelly, this is a perfect combo for the guacamole, I like the capers idea to give it that bit of tang. I will have to try adding those. I just made something similar, without, LOL. Have a wonderful day.

  9. justonecookbook says

    We love salsa and guacamole and often appears on table! I’d love to try your version next. I have to make it mild so that kids can eat it. I never put capers in it and I LOVE capers. Can’t wait to try this very soon!

  10. says

    I’m feeling my non-existent but doesn’t matter Mexican blood coming through looking at this salsa my friend :D
    The presentation, ingredients and overall awesomeness has me grinning :)


  11. ping kay says

    Oh yeah! Love avocados! And all those flavors you’ve put into it … yum! Maxi Mexi flavors!

  12. says

    I would definitely go through a whole bag of chips gobbling this down! Interesting list of ingredients, especially the capers. Don’t see those in a salsa much but I can definitely see how the saltiness would work with the avocado, and all those wonderful fresh herbs!!! Great recipe, clicks and I love your garden guard kitty!

  13. beyondthepeel says

    That sounds wonderful. I love capers and they sound delightful in this healthy salsa. My blender has recently made its way out of the cupboard and I suspect it will out for awhile!

  14. says

    Kelly, I think I will be making your salsa soon. It contains all the ingredients I love and some which I am literally mad for (like chilies and avocado). I might have problems with getting jalapenos, but I will find some substitute. I must say that corn chips are the only “junk food” I regularly buy and have with guacamole. I love them, but as you say only these with corn, oil and salt. All the bacon flavoured or other inventions are inedible and taste so horribly artificial.
    Contrary to Charles, I would have a huge margarita with this bowl and chips ;-)

  15. Kristy says

    Love your kitty! He looks a lot like my little Charlie. :) And I’ve never thought to use capers in a salsa. What a great idea Kelly! I’m with you – any and all salsa is fantastic – especially in the summer.

  16. says

    have I told you that this is one of my favorite dishes of all time? My sister and I would make it together and devour ALL of it <3
    Is that your beautiful little panther in the photo? WOW. XXX

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