Sundried Tomato and Zucchini Bean Dip with Warming Chili-Garlic Sauce

Hummus is lovely and I eat it frequently but every once in a while I’m looking to expand my repertoire and in the mood for something, well, different.
This is a versatile, nutrient rich white bean dip that’s been dressed up and seasoned with thermogenic ingredients – (for those of us who do not live in southern climates, warming spices can go a long way in the wintertime…).
Once the blender’s out, this dip will take you about 6 minutes to pull together.  You can enjoy it with an assortment of vegetables, on whole grain bread/crackers (I have Mary’s wheat free/gluten free crackers featured above), or as a spread in sandwiches, wraps, on burgers, etc.  There’s no end to the applications and it’s a simple and tasty way of enhancing the nutritive quality of everyday food.
 Sundried Tomato and Zucchini Bean Dip with Warming Chili-Garlic Sauce 
  • 540 mL cooked white kidney beans (19 fl oz), thoroughly rinsed if using canned
  • 6 large pieces of sundried tomatoes
  • 1/3 cup fresh grated unpeeled zucchini, packed
  • 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp chili garlic sauce, or to taste
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt


Place all ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth or desired consistency is achieved (I like lumps and bumps and discovering bits of colour in my dip, so I stop before the mixture is fully blended).
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  1. Elly McCausland says

    Ooh! I love dips made with beans! I’ve never heard of white kidney beans though, maybe they’re called something else over here. Your dip looks gorgeous and healthy – and a bit like salmon pate!

  2. says

    That just left me wondering if I have a can of beans in the pantry since I know I have everything else. I would so eat this for lunch!

  3. Ariane @ says

    Ummm, yes PLEASE. This looks really tasty! And it meets my requirement of being healthy, since I tend to eat entire bowls of dips on my own on occasion. Oops.

  4. says

    You are so right about getting a bit tired of hummus, but it is very tasty, non-the-less. It’s so nice to have an alternative that is equally as healthy. Love the Mary’s Crackers in the first shot, but then again, I would love this with the zucchini!

  5. Pure Complex says

    Well, I can’t eat the sun dried tomatoes (allergic to the acidity), but I can definitely enjoy the zucchini bean dip with chili-Garlic sauce without it. Just saying it sounds amazing.. so I know it will be delicious

  6. says

    Kelly! I have to say sometimes you come up with the most brilliant things. The grated raw zucchini in the dip is so great. I’ve never even thought of doing that but is would add such nice texture and extra nutrients. I also just love mary’s crackers. so yummy especially with this lovely spread.

  7. says

    Yum I’ll bet these flavors taste incredible when blended together. Plus it’s such an appealing color. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to make this quick and tasty dish!

  8. Kristy says

    The color of this dip is fantastic! I love hummus too Kelly. I’ve been eating it nearly every day for lunch lately. I think this would make for a nice change-up. :)

  9. says

    Kelly, if I hadn’t just prepared the dinner, I would do it straight away! I have all the necessary ingredients (canned beans would be worse, but better than nothing?) and it looks excellent! I have never heard of “thermogenic ingredients” but I love this expression. I think this dip and your photos are extremely thermogenic :-) Wonderful recipe!

  10. Kels @ K&K Test Kitchen says

    Mmm, this dip sounds lovely. Would be a great substitute for Super Bowl Sunday’s normally heavy, greasy fare.

  11. says

    Hi Kelly,

    I totally agree – hummus is fantastic. I too love to try different things though, although usually they come about because of the fact that I suddenly get a hankering for hummus and find I have no chick peas in the house, so I use broad beans or something instead :)

    This looks fantastic – I love the addition of sun-dried tomatoes especially – I bet it was a delicious dip. Tell me though – “white kidney beans”… is that the same as what they call “haricot blanc” in France, because I don’t think I’ve seen them before! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. says

    Love that you used chili garlic sauce in it to give it an extra kick :) I’ve never thought to use zucchini in a bean dip but it seems inspired. Next dinner party I host I’m going to make this for an app

  13. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Laura – I’m always amazed at how zucchini gets integrated and basically disappears in a dish – a little bit like zucchini muffins – who would ever know? ;0)

  14. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Eva – I’m enjoy Mary’s too though not cheap (yikes, close to $6/box!) the price you pay for wheat/gluten free! Hope you’re having a good day!

  15. inspirededibles says

    Aww, thanks so much France…the zucchini seems to work weel – agreed, nice texture and moistness along with the health benefits. Cheers! :)

  16. inspirededibles says

    Hi Kristy – the colour’s kind of fun and mostly from the chili garlic sauce though the sundried tomatoes did give it a glow… :)

  17. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Sissi – we are heavily into thermogenic foods this time of year! – It’s freezing out there! It’s nice to spice it up :)

  18. inspirededibles says

    whoa, all the super bowl fans… fun!! I love gathering over sports games…(especially when yummy food is involved! :)

  19. inspirededibles says

    Hi Charles, yes white beans (haricot blanc), white kidney beans or cannellini.

    Aren’t beans great? Even my husband doesn’t laugh at them quite as much as he used to ;0)

  20. inspirededibles says

    I don’t think I’ve ever used zucchini in dip either but I’m happy I did with this one – it added moisture, a nice texture and some added nutrients. Glad you enjoyed foodjaunts! Thanks for stopping by.

  21. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    I have been thinking about making some bean dips lately. This looks excellent!! I love sundried tomatoes!

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