Friday Favorites!

We are in the season of graduations and convocations, end-of-year banquets and ceremonies, pool parties and sky-high energy levels.

If you are raising a school-age child, you know all about this bountiful time of year.

Today also happens to be the boys’ last day of school and our youngest’s convocation (off to high school we go!). So with the frenzy of excitement encircling us, I thought it might be fun to kick-off summer with a Friday Favorites list, which I’ve been meaning to do forever!

Friday Favorites is a random and ever-changing selection of some of my favorite finds in and around the web.  The categories will vary widely but hopefully there is at least something that will appeal to most.

Be sure to click on the italicized colored links beneath each photograph to be taken to the original source (where available).

Now since it is Friday and we are celebrating, I thought we might start in the libations section, shall we?

Enjoy and do let me know what you think of FF!


Favorite Spirit

Favorite Repurposing Idea

Old Shutter used as a Tray ~ this would be great anywhere but I’m thinking especially at a cottage or country home ~ love the rustic quality (and useful too!)

Favorite Rest Inspiration

Cozy Loft Bedroom ~ I think I could hang out here for a while.

Favorite Wake Up 

Coconut French Toast in Bed by Two Loves Studio ~ would you look at those handmade dark chocolate hearts… swoon fest.  Father’s day perhaps?

Favorite Mudroom Fantasy Feature

Dog Washing Station! ~ how awesome…  I’ve never had a mudroom (though I’ve fantasized plenty about one). If I had the space, I would build one with a shower for muddy boots and paws!

Favorite Out of the Box Culinary Creation

Laminated Basil Pasta by Just a Taste ~ laminating herbs and greens under sheets of fresh pasta.  Wow! Check out the post for technique and photos.

Favorite Blog Post

Raising Backyard Chickens by Kitchen Apparel ~ have you ever considered raising your own chickens? Sandra takes us on a fun and informative journey of what she’s learned so far.

Favorite Kitchen Storage Feature

Ventilated Drawer Slots ~ love this storage idea to increase the lifespan of potatoes, onions and garlic which do much better with air circulation.  You could also use baskets that contain natural openings and store them in a pantry or other area.

Favorite Smile

I laughed for a week. 

Favorite Kitchen Savvy Organizing Idea

Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil ~ freeze seasonal herbs in a little bit of olive oil and add to all of your favorite dishes throughout the year.

Favorite ‘For Two’ Creation

Wine Slushies by Dessert for Two ~ check out this simple and ingenious summer delicious idea.

Favorite Frugal Decor Inspiration

Painted window frame ~ so simple. so great.

Favorite Gluten-Free Find

Mango Tart by Bakerita (GF, Vegan) ~ now before you say ‘beautiful but… as if…’ (or maybe that’s just me and my clumsy hands), the petals are actually much easier than they may appear – a must check out! 
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  1. SallyBR says

    I don’t know where to start… of course, the doggies… cannot stop melting… the interpretive dance got me! If you could imagine the type of week I’ve had (and it’s not over) with two of our graduate students, you would either laugh with me or cry with me… still, that picture is perfect. I should print it out and frame it…

    Loved this post. Loved it!

  2. inspirededibles says

    I see a string of memories float in front of me comprised of airless courtrooms, humorless business meetings and downright awkward conversations — all dissolve in the face of the interpretive dance ;-). The answer was right there in front of me all along!! :O

    Thank you for your enthusiasm Sally, xx.

  3. Sandra @ Kitchen Apparel says

    So many great ideas and recipes…I’m honored to be part! I love this idea, you should do it every friday…although I know how impossible that sounds…especially in the summer! Yay to no more school for the time being ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. inspirededibles says

    definitely wouldn’t be able to manage weekly ;-) but I’m thinking maybe monthly (or so) if there was interest. It’s a pleasure to feature you and your beautiful blog Sandra! You inspire all of us in so many ways.

  5. inspirededibles says

    isn’t that just the greatest? Such a simple idea but perfect storage planning idea for future use — especially when herbs are out of season. Toss a few in soups, sauces, warm grains, veggie stir-fries, sweet potato… so many possibilities; yum!! :)

  6. Yankee Kitchen Ninja/Julianne says

    So many great ideas here — but I must vote for the dog washing station as my fave, too!

  7. Elizabeth says

    Congratulations to your son! The move to High School is big, you must be full of emotions today mom… I hope it’s a beautiful day for your family Kelly.

    I loved this post and the idea generally! I have a feeling I will be enjoying your various categories too. Like others, I’m taken by the dog washing station (how great) but by so many others too. That laminated pasta is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m with you on the handmade chocolate hearts; so pretty and luxurious. I’m going to save that breakfast and stick it on the fridge right before mother’s day next year! :) I hope you make Friday Favorites a regular — I know I would enjoy! Have a great weekend and a fun time celebrating Kelly! Congrats.

  8. says

    I have my head full of images, but the blueberry margarita comes back every two seconds…. To be frank I remember two things: your post idea is full of fabulous ideas I want to check and… I have to buy blueberries! (I have just looked at the photograph again… amazing…). On the other hand I shouldn’t complain: I’m sipping now a glass of shochu with a huge ice cube and some frozen yuzu (I have literally emptied the supermarket yuzu shelf -they had only ten fruits – before I came back from Tokyo and froze most of the fruits in pieces… a piece of aromatic yuzu is a priceless cocktail addition now).
    This post is a wonderful idea! Please repeat it!

  9. says

    Oh I love your Friday Favorites! Is this your first one or have I missed something? I love them all, but I especially love the “Favorite Smile”. That is hilarious! The basil pasta is incredible and quite gorgeous and yes, I have considered raising chickens in the back yard, but Bobby knows he would end up have to do most of the work, so that’s been nixed. :) Fun post Kelly!

  10. inspirededibles says

    isn’t it something? I tell you, I’m still laughing and I came across it a month ago, The answer to all my prayers ;-). The chickens intrigue me but we already have two animals (some might say more – heeheeh) my hands are definitely full!! :)

  11. inspirededibles says

    Isn’t the tray great? I thought you would like it Ms. Taylor ;-) perfect for the cottage (or the boat perhaps). I am definitely making the mango tart!

  12. inspirededibles says

    Truly, that blueberry margarita is one of the most gorgeous drinks I have ever seen. It’s just got a dreamy quality to it and, like you, it makes me want to rush out and buy copious amounts of fresh blueberry!! Cheers Sissi, xx.

  13. inspirededibles says

    reading your notes is like opening a gift Elizabeth, thank u ♡ ♡ ♡. I absolutely think you should enhance, enlarge and pin that breakfast for Mother’s day :). Hugs.

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