Roasted Salmon in a Strawberry-Balsamic Reduction

Here we are coming up to Valentine’s Day and I’m still putting away my Christmas decorations…is it just me? It seems every time I think I have them all captured and stored, another one pops up; it’s like an endless sea of Santa things – they weeble and wobble but they won’t go down.
I’ve put together an elegant and delicious weeknight meal that will take you less than 20 minutes to have on the table.  If you make the reduction the night before, it will take you even less time.
This is a very adaptable sauce that you can use with virtually any protein – vegetable or otherwise.  It has gentle sweet notes from the strawberry and balsamic flavours with a subtle sharpness from the vinegar.   My sons and I enjoyed the leftover reduction over plain yogurt as a snack – scrumptious.

Roasted Salmon in a Strawberry-Balsamic Reduction
  • 2 salmon fillets
  • 1/2 tsp coarse black pepper
For the Strawberry-Balsamic Reduction
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped + more for topping
  • 4 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 4 Tbsp water
  • 4 Tbsp honey

Heat oven to 400 F.
In a small sturdy pot on stove, combine chopped strawberries, balsamic vinegar and water.  Allow mixture to come to a boil and reduce by about half.  Add the honey, mixing to combine and allow mixture to reduce again.  
At this stage, you can either place mixture in a small blender and mix until smooth or, as I have done, you can use a potato masher and mash the berries down to smaller but visible, chunky pieces. 
Meanwhile, lay salmon fillets on a foil lined baking pan.  Sprinkle with black pepper and cook in oven for 10-15 minutes, or until desired doneness is achieved.
Place a couple of tablespoons of the reduction on plates before laying down salmon. Drizzle more of the sauce over top along with some chopped strawberries, as desired.
If you have made your reduction the night before simply warm in a pot on stove, adding some water as necessary to achieve desired consistency upon reheating.
I’m submitting this recipe to KoKo’s Kitchen’s Valentine’s Day Recipe Roundup
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  1. says

    Love salmon and the combination of strawberries with balsamic vinegar. I would never have thought to put these two together. It looks amazing. I will have to try this out. Looks great!!!

  2. Junia Kim says

    the strawberry reduction looks fabulous! mmm i like to cook my salmon at 350 degrees for the first 15 minutes and then at broil for 5 more minutes to give it a crispy texture!

  3. Linda says

    Oh so pretty and perfect for Valentine’s !!! I’ve had strawberries in balsamic so I’m very familiar with the tast – which I do love!! This is really a great dish and love that it can be pulled together quickly cuz who wants to spend alot of time in the kitchen for a romantic dinner!!

  4. says

    Kelly, this is a perfect dish for St Valentine’s Day (not that I really celebrate it… it’s quite recently popular here). It looks gorgeous and must have a very sophisticated and complex taste. I would have never thought of combining salmon and strawberries, but you are the queen of surprising combinations.
    I do however know how balsamic vinegar tastes with strawberries and I start dreaming of strawberries now… The sauce sounds so simple and easy. I must try it one day.
    Talking about Christmas and other celebrations. I went out shopping today and my local supermarket has started to sell… Easter bunnies in chocolate!!! Ok, they are on sales (probably from last year) but I was a bit shocked.

  5. Pure Complex says

    Oh my… Yes I am drooling over here just looking at that beautiful salmon and how you cooked it. You already know I will be making this in the future Kelly :)

  6. Lbergeron says

    This looks great! Justement… had salmon in freezer and was wondering about what kind of topping… I usually coat it with dijon mustard but I need a change. I love the strawberries for Valentine’s. I also love the yogurt idea!

  7. says

    This is absolutely amazing and I’ll be trying. We have lots of strawberries and my family love and eat salmon most. This is actually incredibly easy recipe and my kids will probably request every time we cook salmon after I try this… Thank you for this recipe Kelly! I’m so excited to try this very soon!

  8. Amy-Nutrition by Nature says

    I love salmon and this is beautiful. I would never have thought to put salmon and strawberries together. I can’t wait to try this. I have been craving salmon lately.

  9. says

    It’s not just you with the christmas stuff…we may or may not still have a christmas wreath on our door :) I love this for a healthy valentine’s meal! Salmon pairs so well with fruits and I just love any kind of balsamic reduction. Great recipe, another one to Pinterest!!!

  10. says

    never thought strawberry would go well with fish. how inspiring! I have some salmon stashed in the freezer and was looking for recipes, now have to get some strawberries.

  11. says

    Absolutely gorgeous Kelly. I can see my husband and I having this for Valentine’s and having a romantic evening. The suggestion of having it with yogurt however sounds equally divine.

  12. says

    What a beautiful weeknight meal, Kelly. We eat salmon about three times per month, I just love it. JT gave me a bottle of 100 year old balsamic for Christmas…it’s already really thick, so I think just a few drops would work well. I love it paired with strawberries (I’m using it for a Valentine dessert on the weekend!).

  13. says

    Ha, I was at some place yesterday and they still had their Christmas tree up… I was like “come on people… mid way through February almost…!”

    You’ll have to excuse me because I just watched some Bear Grylls “man vs wild” show on TV and he was in Alaska, eating still living salmon fresh out of the water like some sort of animal (well, at least he lives up to his first name), so I’m feeling a little off salmon right now, but once I’ve recovered from the shock of the TV show this sounds like a fantastic dish to try. I can’t imagine what sort of flavour combination it would be – strawberries and salmon together. I bet they provide a beautiful, light tartness to cut through the slight fattiness of the fish – beautiful, thanks for sharing Kelly :)

  14. inspirededibles says

    Thanks so much Nicole… always a bit tricky to photograph these things but I’m glad you like :) – thanks for stopping in.

  15. inspirededibles says

    Legend has it that balsamic brings out the flavour in strawberries ~ I think it’s a marriage made in heaven ;-) Thanks Asmita!

  16. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Sissi! Any occasion to spread more love in the world is good by me ;-) It’s super easy (like most of my recipes – lol – I aim for that). Easter bunnies, eh? Well, you know what, Easter reminds me of Spring so Bring It On!! :)

  17. inspirededibles says

    It does make a fabulous dessert sauce…. and gorgeous on chiken too… yes, you can play around with all kinds of different fruit. Thanks Elegant! :)

  18. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Lynn! I know you love your salmon – I hope you like this version if you give it a try. The yogurt mix was a delight…

  19. inspirededibles says

    It really is easy Nami – I love offering practical options for working families with the use of whole ingredients… I hope your family likes it if you give it a try!

  20. inspirededibles says

    Thanks so much for the link love Judy – I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and discovering your blog.

  21. inspirededibles says

    Phew! I’m glad I’m not alone… Thanks so much for all your kind words Alyssa and for the pin love… :)

  22. inspirededibles says

    Yeah! I hope you give it a try; it’s a refreshing twist on the more conventional preparations and quite delicious. Thanks for stopping in and welcome to Inspired Edibles.

  23. inspirededibles says

    Aww, thanks France… it’s a nice elegant option and easy to pull together on a weeknight. I hope you & J enjoy if you give it a try :)

  24. inspirededibles says

    Ah, Seattle… have only had the pleasure of one visit but have a head/heart full of beautiful memories… what a wonderful city.

  25. inspirededibles says

    Ooh, that balsamic sounds extraordinary… perfect for this recipe I dare say :0) yes, less might do the trick. Let me know how you make out with it for dessert… ;)

  26. inspirededibles says

    Oh Charles, funny man. I don’t think I could eat a living animal… that’s a little too real for me.

    Never mind, we ususally have our outdoor Christmas lights out until about July (and at that point it’s like why bother to take them down; we’ll just have to put them up again in a bit ;-)

  27. inspirededibles says

    Thanks so much FoodJaunts – I only cook it for about 12 minutes – it’s still bright pink inside; maximum deliciousness ;0)

  28. says

    Kelly…this is a beautiful dish and so wonderful at how quickly and easily it can be pulled together. I LOVE the combination of balsamic vinegar and strawberries…but have never paired strawberries with salmon. (I’m a citrus and honey girl with salmon!). But I love ALL of these components so I cannot wait to give this a try! Such a beautiful place setting and presentation, too! : )

  29. Eliotseats says

    I am craving balsamic and strawberries. This combo seems to be everywhere this V-Day season. This dish looks wonderful!

  30. Kristy says

    Oh my, oh my! This looks heavenly Kelly! While I know that Mike and I would enjoy this as a romantic dinner for two – I couldn’t deprive Miss A of this meal. You know how she feels about strawberries and balsamic. :) This meal would be an instant winner here and is definitely going to be on our table soon! Yum! Yum! Yum!

  31. Ibstefani says

    This sounds divine and I can’t wait to give this a try! My husband is a great chef and I enjoy always trying to surprise him with new recipes so I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to this dish. What sort of sides do you serve it with though?

  32. Blendersauce says

    This was absolutely amazing. I made it for Valentine’s Dinner and my husband loved it! (coming from a guy that doesnt believe in having fruits on meats). Thank you for sharing!

  33. inspirededibles says

    I love that combination too and you know, it works so well with the simple, soft taste of salmon… a fun way to spruce it up. Thank you Anne for your thoughtful feedback.

  34. inspirededibles says

    Thanks Kristy – I have to admit, the reduction tastes pretty darn good on everything!! (I had lots of leftovers when I made it but we had no trouble using it up ;0). I think your family would enjoy… I hope you try it sometime.

  35. inspirededibles says

    Thanks so much for dropping by. You can accompany it with whatever you wish – a simple rice, asparagus or green salad might be nice.

  36. inspirededibles says

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the recipe and truly appreciate you taking the time to drop in to let me know. Thank goodness it was a hit on such a big night too! Phew… :)

  37. jasmine awad says

    i kind of feel like this was made specifically for me specifically today. my mom brought me over a ton of strawberries and salmon. so thank you universe, and inspirededibles :)

  38. inspirededibles says

    Oh no… allergice to strawberries… hopefully you can substitute raspberry but if not, peach, apple, pear are all good options! Cheer Alyssa.

  39. inspirededibles says

    What a nice mom! The world does work in wonderful ways… let me know how you like it if you give it a try and thanks so much for dropping by to say hello :)

  40. Lyttlewon says

    I made this and it is perfect. The last 5 minutes of cooking I smeared some of the glaze on the fish and finished it that way in the oven.

  41. inspirededibles says

    I’m delighted you enjoyed the recipe and really appreciate you stopping by to let me know how it went! Thank you :)

  42. Jolleen says

    Great recipe! Thank you! I’ve made this twice since you posted it. Once for my boyfriend and once for my family. Now my mom wants to make it for her friends. Great pictures too!

  43. inspirededibles says

    Yay! So happy you enjoyed… thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and let me know.

  44. inspirededibles says

    Thank you so very much for your kind and generous comments Bludart and for your dedication post! How lovely to see.

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